Available in New Zealand only

Your Grocery Fundraiser

Donating 10% of sales back into our community

Schools & Group Fundraising

If your club, group, team, members or supporters are needing to raise funds, let's work together by having a fundraising drive using product booklets and order forms.  

We all work together in getting the collected orders into the hands of your customers, just like being at the supermarket checkout.  

To kick things off - please click and download the Registration Form and return to [email protected]

Education Sector

Kindergartens, Playcentres and any sort of centre that relies on fundraising to function, this is an additional resource to add funds.  

Rather than offering one or two products, we have a wide range of products. Therefore, something for every household!  

Intermediate, College and High School team trips are always a financial stress on families and of course, for the teams involved. 

Get your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues onboard and there will be real potential to earn great money with less effort and time required in comparison to holding weekly sausage sizzles and cake stalls! 

Clubs, Etc

Let's go grocery shopping!!

Ok, maybe not literally but this is the next best thing.

No doubt you have access to some form of clubroom - so let's utilise this for a shopping centre. 

Members and supporters collect orders and payment by a set date - all stock is delivered to your clubroom and we put the orders together. Easy as. 

Paper bags and cartons are covered by the $1 packaging fee each order incurs BUT should the received amount be more than the actual cost - then consider that as an extra bonus towards your fundraising goal.

Working Together

We are here to help you.  

All paperwork is supplied and printed in colour (if required) at no extra cost to you.

Delivery of the products ordered by your customers is coordinated with the set date for the end of your grocery fundraiser.  Helping you bag up their orders is included in our partnership (again, if required).