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Acres Complete Dog Food - 500g


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Complete and balanced - the perfect recipe for all dogs

Large or small, young or old, all dogs need a balanced diet to stay fit, healthy and full of life.

Acres Complete Dog Food provides everything your dog needs in one convenient food. It’s high in protein for strength, fats and oils for energy, and essential vitamins and minerals to maintain health, vitality, a shiny coat and bright eyes.

The optimum shape and texture of our kibbles clean your dog’s teeth at every meal and are suitable for dogs of all sizes. And because our kibbles are extruded (not baked) they retain more nutrients and can be served dry or moist to suit your dog:

Dry - helps reduce plaque and keep gums healthy.

Slightly moistened - can be better for smaller or younger dogs, or just to add a bit of textural variety to your dog’s diet.

Fully moistened - for older dogs who may be frail or have few or no teeth, or for a change in texture for variety.

Provides all essential vitamins, minerals and nutrition in a complete and affordable food your dog will love.

Contains highest-quality ingredients that are traceable right back to their source, even to the farms where the products were grown.

Produced to very high standards required by the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF).

No artificial colours and preservatives. All our ingredients are NON GM.

Simple, clear packaging - pay for the quality of the food not the packaging.

Acres is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Remember to always provide plenty of water for your dog. Store in a cool dry place.

Kibble shape: eclipse. Size 20mm x 10mm.

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