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362 Grillhouse is an innovative range of Gastro Pub condiments. The range is handmade with bold flavours while maintaining that casual pub like taste.

Steak & Chop Sauce - 275ml

Our original Steak Sauce

Smokey Tomato Burger Sauce - 275ml  (gluten free)

A firm favourite for smothering burgers

Sweet Sour Spare Rib Sauce - 275ml

A great basting sauce for tender & juicy ribs

Smokey Tomato Honey Wing Sauce - 275ml  (gluten free)

Baste onto chicken or use as a dipping sauce.

Spicy BBQ Plum Sauce - 275m l

Tasty BBQ sauce with sweet-tart flavor of the plums.

Pie & Chip Sauce - 275ml   (gluten free)

A tasty tomato sauce that goes with everything.

BBQ Seafood Sauce - 250ml   (gluten free)

Bloody Mary in a bottle, serve with any shellfish.

Black Raspberry & Chipotle Sauce - 275ml  (gluten free)

Locally grown Black Raspberries cooked with Chipotles.

Beer & Bacon Ketchup - 275ml

Ketchup made with beer & no added water, try on everything.

Small Batch Worcester Sauce - 275ml

Ideal for marinades, mince, or add to Bloody Marys.

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