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Syrups & Sauces


These delicious toppings are ideal for pancakes, waffles, hotcakes, ice cream or muesli.

Honey & Maple Pancake Syrup - 250ml   (gluten free)

Pour over pancakes or desserts.

Blueberry & Honey Pancake Syrup - 250ml   (gluten free)

Try this fruity syrup on porridge.

Strawberry & Vanilla Pancake Syrup - 250ml   (gluten free)

As delicious as a bowl of just-picked strawberries.

Passionfruit & Orange Sauce - 250ml   (gluten free)

Exotic and fruity with a ripe fruit taste in a sauce.

Black Cherry & Chocolate Sauce - 250ml   (gluten free)

A very indulgent, but utterly delicious sauce.

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