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Your Grocery Fundraiser

Donating 10% of sales back into our community

Hi, I'm Tracey Taylor and I live in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Your Grocery Fundraiser (YGF) was created at the end 2016, which stemmed from my desire to give back to the community as my way of saying thanks for the times I had been a single parent and momentarily unemployed.  

Unfortunately having a real job got in the way of launching Your Grocery Fundraiser so I decided 2019 was going to be the year.  

Nike's tagline Just Do It !  finally won me over.

The purpose of Your Grocery Fundraiser is to donate 10% of the retail price to Registered Charities via their Give-a-Little page or an Official Website.  

For groups that wish to fundraise , 20-30% of the retail price on a select range of products is earned, when orders are either collectively obtained and distributed by your group.

Your Grocery Fundraiser is able to supply product booklets and order forms to your group, club and workplace.                              (Your workplace doesn't necessarily mean you own it, it just means that you would personally like your workplace to get behind a cool idea!)

Please get in touch via the Contact page, and if you would like to fundraise for your group, fill out a registration form and we'll get things underway.


Support an Individual or a group

Perhaps within your own workplace, you know of someone who needs a helping hand?

This could be by way of sponsorship for a sports trip, or for someone who has experienced hardship due to unforeseen circumstances.  Maybe your Social Club wants to do something extra special this year?

Whatever your workplace comes up with, it is bound to help someone out!

And this is what Your Grocery Fundraiser is all about.

Monthly Support

Each month, Your Grocery Fundraiser supports a Registered Charity.  For the Month of March, we are supporting the SPCA.

Your workplace can also help within the community and if you would like to support your own preferred cause or charity, as long as your order is over $100, and there is a page on the Give-a-little website, then you're good to go!

The donation will be made by Your Grocery Fundraiser on your behalf - and yes, your workplace is acknowledged and gratefully thanked!


Workplace Orders.  
Each workplace order has a courier fee of $8.50. We use Metro Urgent Couriers.
 Fundraisers for Clubs & Causes.  
All the ordered products are delivered to the address as noted on the registration form.
Each individual order has a $1.00 fee included to cover delivery and packaging costs.
Your team of helpers work together in getting the orders collated and packaged.  The choice is yours as to whether you want your customers to personally collect their order or it's to be delivered directly to the customer by the person who took the order.

How to Order For Fundraising.

There are two ways of ordering after your registration is processed.

1.     Online only - Send your supporters to this page where they then select the fundraising event from a drop down box.  Next, choose your products from here.  

Payment is made through Paypal so it is very secure - no credit/debit card details are required by Your Grocery Fundraiser.  Alternatively, they can send me an email with their order and make payment via internet banking.

2.     Paper Based - A PDF file of the Product Booklet and Order Form can either be emailed and printed out at your end or I can drop them off, if your workplace is local to Hamilton City.

Distribute the Product Booklet and Order forms and collect back.  Scan each order form through to Your Grocery Fundraiser otherwise, courier or post.

I am more than happy to come in and help collate and package your orders.  Please, just ask!